Mud Mummy 5L Roxy

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Meet our special edition portable mud and dirt washing brush ideal for grooming muddy dogs - but also suitable for use on bikes, boots, tools and virtually any other muddy item under the sun that needs cleaning quickly and easily.

The Mud Mummy washing brush works without electric or battery power, using a combination of water and air pressure to deliver the power you need the all-natural way.

You can fill up your Mud Daddy with hot or cold water, or mix with miniature shampoos if you wish.

Gentle low pressure which combined with the brush will remove any dirt or mud.

15-20 hand pump will give you approximately 3 minutes of wash and in total Mud Mummy 5L will give you 10-12 minutes of wash time.  

Key features:

* 5-litre capacity

* Heavy-duty 

* No noise ( Perfect for dog & horse wash)

* keep water warm up to 2.5 hours 

* Super portable and compact

* Environmentally friendly (no need to charge & Save water)

* 1.5m hose

* Built-in sprayer brush

  Mud Daddy & Mud Mummy are the same products

1-year product replacement guaranty.


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