Mud Daddy Poo Bank

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Mud Daddy Poo Bank design to carry full dog poop bag so you can enjoy a walk with your dog.

Also, it helps to keep our street & footpath clean. Smelly poop bag stored nicely until you can properly dispose of.

Poo Bank feature hook/clip for attaching or hanging from belt or pocket and air freshener to keep smelling fresh.

The bottom line is that dog poop happens. But, if you would like to enjoy your everyday dog walk without carrying a bag full of poop in your hand then Mud Daddy Poo Bank is the best solution for all dog parents.

How much poop can I store? Good question✔😁Suitable for 2 standard size poop bag when is hot and fresh. Dispose of it in a safe and hygienic way when you can.

Easy washable


Mud Daddy Poo Bank includes:




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