Q: Is Mud Daddy a jet wash?

No. Mud Daddy is a portable & compact mud/dirt washing brush independent from electric or battery power

Q.Where can I use Mud Daddy?

You can use Mud Daddy to wash Mud/dirt from dogs, bikes, tools, tyres and much more at any location.

Q: What make Mud Daddy different from any other product in the market?

a: Mud Daddy is environmentally friendly, it uses less water then jet wash or hose pipe.

b: Do not require power or charges as Mud Daddy costume design allow it to combine water and air pressure to generate water pressure


Q: What is the capacity of Mud Daddy?

It is 5 litres.

Q: Where can I buy Mud Daddy?

Mud Daddy is available from our website 

Q: Does similar product exist on the market?

No. Mud Daddy is patent & design registered and brand Mud Daddy is registered Trade mark.
We take our IP Protection very seriously.